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Valley Acupuncture & Wellness provides world-class acupuncture and integrative medicine in Appleton, Wisconsin - offering hope and relief to those struggling with chronic health conditions in Appleton and the entire Fox Valley area, including Green Bay and Fond du Lac.

"I started Valley Acupuncture & Wellness to bring a world class healing environment that supports the recovery and maintenance of health to the people of the Fox Valley and Wisconsin." - Pamela Kososki, LAc

Valley Acupuncture & Wellness Specializes in

Acute / Chronic Pain

Lower back pain and sciatica
Neck pain
Headaches and migraines
Shoulder pain
Elbow pain
Heel pain and Plantar Fasciitis
Acute and chronic injuries

Autoimmune Disease

Rheumatoid Arthritis
Multiple Sclerosis
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Meniere's Disease
Many other autoimmune disorders

Women's Health

Recurrent miscarriage
Morning sickness
Post partum depression
Infantile colic
Insufficient Lactation


Post stroke recovery
Peripheral neuropathy
Trigeminal neuralgia
Post-herpetic neuralgia
Bell's Palsy
Macular Degeneration

Find out how we can help with our range of treatments


Restoring Body and Mind



Acupuncture involves the insertion of tiny needles that stimulate the nerves and endocrine system to restore balance and harmony across all body systems.

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Cosmetic acupuncture helps stimulate skin cells to regenerate as it increases microcirculation of the skin.


Ozone Therapy

A unique treatment that both heals and detoxifies the body. Take advantage of the body's ability to repair itself.


Frequency Specific Microcurrent

Frequency Specific Microcurrent is a technique for treating pain that uses low-level electrical current.

Ozone Therapy

Electro Acupuncture

Electro Acupuncture can and often results in a complete absence of symptoms, even in severe pain conditions

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