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Facial Enhancement or Cosmetic Acupuncture in Green Bay and Appleton

Microneedling, microcurrent facials, Synergy Facial (LED lighting, acupuncture, and microcurrent along with facial cupping) are services customized to you.  See the Facial Enhancement page for more details about each service.   

Acupuncture and Electo-Acupuncture 

Proven methods for treating pain, digestive issues, migraines, women’s health and more.  

Scar Treatments in Green Bay and Appleton

Painless scar treatments to things like abdominal adhesions, post surgical scarring using frequencies to melt the scar tissue away.  Not for aesthetic purposes, this therapy addresses the underlying tissues banded together to allow better movement, nerve conduction and circulation to the area that’s adhered and scarred.  Results are immediate, lasting and life changing.  

More information here

Frequency Specific Microcurrent

Combined with acupuncture or a stand alone therapy, this is a current you don’t feel.  See the FSM page for more details.  

Chinese Herbal Medicine & Nutrition Supplements 

We offer Chinese medicinals and supplements  from only the highest quality herbal companies. Including Botanical Biohacking, Standard Process, and Integrative Therapeutics.

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